We hope you are staying safe during this Covid-19

Global Pandemic

IFLYUNIVERSE could not just stand by while supplies of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) were not readily available and impossible to buy for members of our health and local community and IFLYUNIVERSE extended family. 

We are PROUD to have helped our community by making and donating FOR FREE over 800 masks for our friends, family, and community members. As well as, 500 of those masks going to our Frist responders on the frontlines. We sent various packages of masks to our local hospitals to help out the Doctors and Nurses during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. IFLYUNIVERSE is based in NEW YORK CITY which was hit hard becoming the epicenter of the Pandemic in the United States. 

We are working hard to bring you a wonderful Collection in 2021

COMPLEX  Magazine  x  Parson's Fashion Institute 

To Produce






Presented a collection at the

Los Angeles Fashion Music Conference 2020

IFLYUNIVERSE set its sights on LA in March of 2020. Before the Pandemic, IFLYUNIVERSE showed their Spring/Summer Collection in the heart of Los Angeles. We had the pleasure of having the breathtaking and talented Singer/Songwriter Jadore Monay (@JadoreMonay) performed her single "Extra Extra" during the  show. 

IMG_3583 (1).jpg

We have an Amazing Opportunity to show our Spring            Collection during New York Fashion Week 2021!


            New York Fashion  &Music Conference

                                        Featured on 

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FEBRUARY 14, 2021 - FEBRUARY 19, 2021

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